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new alliances put truth in motion
issue 1
january, 2002

truthinadvertising has joined forces with Soteria Productions and to provide a full range of innovative ideas for print, video and web design. The staff of all three companies is sharing the studio loft space at 660 Ninth Street in midtown Atlanta's Digital Hill area. tia owner, Mike Dolinger explains, “All of us share a passion to bring visual revival to ministry marketing. If you're looking for a revolutionary way to communicate the Truth of the gospel, this is the place to come.”

tia and Soteria are currently collaborating on The Amazing Collection, an adventurous project to create a video Bible. The series of 66 videos brings the theme of each book of the Bible alive with interactive teaching, original music videos and personal testimonies.

A joint venture between tia and is, the website for a Christian Coffee House and Bread Ministry. “I really enjoyed taking the great work tia had already done for Full Cup and translating that look to the web. Because the coffee house doesn't exist yet, it was both challenging but also really exciting to anticipate what Full Cup might need out of a website in the future, and then to build it in such a way as to accomodate this.”

These projects are just a few examples of the far-reaching capabilities of the new alliance. With the best talent in print, video and web design all under one roof, the team will develop innovative tools to share the gospel and provide ministries a one-stop resource for cutting-edge communications.

written by sheila dolinger